Munzo TT - KantelTrike


  1. I love this design, but I keep asking myself, "what's the point"?
    You'd get the same benefit (more grip) from simply fitting a single wider rear tyre, and you'd lose the complexity and weight.
    Am I missing something?
    Is it so it can race in Trike classes, but not have the problem of tipping in corners?

  2. It is a self suporting isue. This can be completly enclosed, including the botttom and still hold itself upright. A single tire wide enough to hold the bike upright would be much heavyer and would need a wide flat surface that resist leaning into turns.

  3. Hi John,

    In the 90's I joined Flevobike for a year. In that period I have built a tilting trike like the Munzo. After the first test ride my reaction was exactly like yours: It's a beautifull construction but what is it good for... But for the streamlined Velotilt it is an interesting option...


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