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  1. Hi, I thought you woudl like to see my tilting off-road cargo bike that I call 'The Lobster'.

    please view the post here

    I will be adding video soon

    Many Thanks

    Jeremy Davies

  2. Love the collection, very well done! Might should add, jetrike. He's on youtube and has his own site. This is a great collection!

  3. Hi
    Here my project:

  4. Hi, What is the name of this electric DH rig? Thanks.

  5. built by Timma2500 on Endless Sphere.

  6. You forget the Munzo TT from FastFWD recumbents.
    They also designed and built the Rapto-Trike

  7. The Munzo TT is listed under Pedal Powered - 2 wheels rear.

    thx, HC

  8. Front Wheel Drive TINY PICK UP

  9. a promising project, see
    Electro vehicle, two rear wheels, one front.

  10. you maybe intrested in this:

  11. Can you tell me who the maker is of the #9 photo in two wheel front trike with the harley motor. I saw these at a bike run and just wondering if they are still in production. thanks

  12. Great niche blog!Me and the staff from will be your daily followers

  13. hi interested in some sort of collaboration?

    Please contact

  14. See our model from Brazil on

  15. Hello, working on a tilting velomobile - human powered. Finding the rear wheels very skittery on tight fast corners.

  16. thx Pete, added ur ride the the blog.

  17. Here is a good one for you:

  18. thx, Tom.
    its already posted under "urban mobility".

    I have ridden the Zuumer before, very fun ride.

  19. hello,
    just came across this site for the first time. saved in favorites.

    This is one that might interest some of you. It is about 95% recycled bike parts. It's called Trifrankencyclestein.

  20. Give four wheels to the "Stealth" E-bike, and look! A human pedalled electric “quad” for the fun and for the leisure of it. Designed like a semi-recumbent go-cart with unlimited ("wishbone") suspension it would sure be something so very cool! And I mean really cool!! A whole new class of quad-racers could be born with the development of such a concept.
    I’d buy one in an instant!!

  21. Fun Blog ;-)

    Check out the FFAB Speed-e

    Human powered test drive from London to Gibraltar on the 7th of May. Here's the Facebook link;

  22. Someone here know me know where I can buy a carvx.

    1. I talked to the main guy at GBO recently (september 2013), Mr. R. Crins also the CARV-X designer.
      He answred an email asking him just that. He said they already have a couple of prototypes, even a 3 wheeler, to go into production but they are waiting to find some investment.
      So, the project is there but on halt until they find a reasonable partner.


  23. Yamaha Raptor 3-wheeler

  24. Look !

  25. Hello PPl.

    There's this question that has been buggi' me for some time and i wondered if anyone could help me or adress some info that could help me answer it.

    After following various blogs and youtube videos, reading tones about 3 wheel tilt machines, there some concepts i cannot seem to grasp.
    I would like to ask a question to perhapps set a precedent to be studied or to be taken like a total ass.

    I was wondering if there is any correlation between cornering and the angle a wheel tilts.

    I believe factor as speed, G´s, gyroefect etc has to affect but…
    How much angle to the vertical of the road does similar wheels at similar velocities with similar mass, need to tilt, to perform diferent radius in the same conditions.

    Considering 2 wheels parallel to each other, joined together by an imaginary link, same exact dimensions and conditions; same weight height etc.. placed horizontaly side by side running forward at the same speed, if they had to turn by leaning into a curve, describing both different radius (like the ackerman law), to take a vehicle into a perfect cornering, would both wheels have the same angle of tilt?

    How can this be tested?
    Is there any studies about this?
    Has someone thougt on tilt trikes with this in mind??

    Sorry if i´m not explaining myself that clearly, but english ain’t my mother tongue and im no mathematician, engineer or physicist, just a normal guy with common interests and loads of questions.

    hope to hear from any of you anytime soon


  26. Got any Engineering CAD drawings of a powerful bike with tilting mechanism? Front or rear or all fours.
    Not for some slow cycle. But for a fast Ducati type bike.
    email me info @ rex led . in

  27. Hi makers of this blog:
    As a business consultant in Electromobility and Energy Autonomy I am interested to know, how is making up this blog. I like these concepts very much and I would have liked to bring the TILTER or the LUMENEO SMERA to the market in Switzerland. Both failed so far and the Peraves/Designwerk vehicle is more a motorcycle than a very stable tilting vehicle with three or four wheels. I would also like a Piaggion MP3 with cabin such as the US-made C1. So you see that I am involved and seek for "helping hands" and interested partners and experts. Which is or was your motivation for your work here? Thanks and best regards. success (at) swissonline (dot) ch. Roger Zamofing


  29. Didn't see the Peugeot Liion.

  30. Hi,

    Here is a video of my leaning delta trike. It uses some of Vi Vuong's design ideas and is very simple.

    The family of ilean trikes is shown here

  31. check out this croatioan tilting scooter:


  33. i just want to thank you SO MUCH for this fantastic collection of well-organized solutions. It really made my day :-)

  34. i think, you can be intersting by this concept :

  35. Autonomous drive may well rekindle interest in narrow tilting vehicles. Here's why:

  36. Don't know if models are interesting for your site. See link.


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