Michelin Hy-Light Active Wheel Motor EV concept Car

Michelin Hy-Light Active Wheel Motor EV concept.
Each wheel motor has a claimed 250Nm - 1300Nm of torque (depending on which report you read) but Michelin claim 0-60 in ONLY 12 seconds from an 850 kg car which suggests even 250Nm may be exaggerating. It can brake at more than 1G without any mechanical brakes.

It also has active suspension using a 2nd electric motor in each wheel. The whole set up uses a single suspenion pick up point, custom made hubs and custom wheel... expensive and virtually impossible to retro-fit to other cars.

The first 'production' car to announce using this system is the Venturi Volage with a limited series of a hand built sports car scheduled for 2012.


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