Trikke TriBred Pon-E


  1. Without a doubt, the most practical, portable, and efficient Electric Urban Commuter out there. In production and available NOW, with many models to choose from. I have a Trikke Tribred Pon-e 48v; and for about a $0.10 recharge, I get over 20 miles of 3-wheel, TILTING, travel and... FUN! Quickly folds up and fits in a car, bus or train for longer commutes! It will fit in elevators, or easily carried up stairs; but best of all, if the battery runs out... you can still run it under Human Power and get a great workout too!

  2. Its hardly the best desgin,
    Too wide on tight sidewalks,
    Awkward standing position for going in a straight line,
    the side to side pumping position makes it unsuitable
    for road use.
    Its hard to beat a simple 2 wheel electric scooter, like the goped esr.


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