Schwinn Meridian Tilt Trike Conversion

by CogHog on ES

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  1. I just like the idea of the banana seat, drag bars, and flipping the stem around. Make some kind of non wire stylish basket and I think it would be bitching just like that. I don't really get the whole tilt thing but it's pretty cool. I usually put apes on trikes myself and with bicycle seats as opposed to large trike seats like on the Desoto I use Tradesman 13" wide seats. I'm also rather fond of the big old fashioned headlights. What I like about the meridian is they come with matching back fenders and the body style and quality construction. Older trikes are often just made of round or square stock but the meridian has body style. The Kent has a similar body. What I don't like is the collapsable basket. But when I can get my hands on one a fiberglass motorcycle luggage piece fits nicely between the back wheels to replace the basket so you have waterproof storage (or a cooler for beer).