Narrow Tilting Vehicle with Non-Tilting Wheels by Frank Knisley


  1. Thank-you. Searching for parts to make a simple go kart right now. I'll share the video of testing.

  2. Look, if this idea wasn't so tragic I would say nothing at all and just pretend it never happened. How is this vehicle controlled? You cant control it like a motorcycle because the tyres wont provide the correct castoring action to create self stability. Nothing except some primitive drawings and a model, that's it.
    The designer knows nothing about tilting vehicles P

  3. Tilting wheel tilting vehicle have been around since the 1940's and their roll axis is above the ground. This design through its cradle system has a mobile axis that keeps the vector force directed between the L/R wheels and at the center of the rear wheel at the ground at up to 52 degrees and equilibrium at 1.25g's. Patent drawing a bit primitive.

    1. I am well aware of the prior art and also there are prior art tilting vehicles where the wheels don't tilt. But the point is that by tilting a pneumatic tyre it can develop MORE lateral acceleration than if it is not tilted [ research camber thrust]
      The reason why cars with wide tyres are faster on the track is due to aerodynamic down forces not possible with a motorcycle. Traction in NOT dependent on contact area[ do research] it depends on cf and weight and the loadings on FI cars typically increase their " apparent weight" by 6 times their static weight.

      Then, there is the problem you will face tilting the vehicle with hydraulics and maintaining the tilt angle and the steer angle at the right combination for all speeds as these angles are not directly related.
      Prior to the WWW people actually did experiments before they
      went public . So, your obligation is to give us a full description of why it did not work with equal vigour and I look fwd to this. No harm done if you abide by this principle. P


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